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Welcome to Second Spin Vinyl Record Designs featuring recycled art, jewelry, and home decor. Our products are affordable, unique, and make great conversation pieces!


Customer Reviews

"My dad got the bowls and LOVED them. Steve Miller was one of the first concerts he took me to, so my mom said he got all misty eyed! She said they are beautiful! Thanks again for your great work! You made a middle-aged dad's day!" ~ H. Love, Gainesville, VA

"I am very environmentally conscious and so happy I was able to find you for my custom vinyl art piece. You have an awesome store, and I am definitely recommending it to all my friends for great eco-friendly gift ideas. Thanks again for everything! Keep up the great work!" ~ N. Nolton, Greenfield, IN

"I just received my item today and was totally amazed at how AWESOME it is! My boyfriend is going to go nuts over it! Such high quality and clearly an original! Thank you sooo much :) My dad was jealous of I'll have to get him one!" ~ A. Caddy, Everett, PA

"The item came promptly in the mail and it is just as I had hoped. Great quality, and the shop owner went above and beyond to make sure certain special requests were met. Thanks Second Spin!! :D" ~ A. Coutsouridis, Middletown, CT

"Seriously one of the coolest items I have ever purchased! This goes perfect with my sons Mickey room!" ~ A. Patchen, Moreno Valley, CA

"This was amazing! SheVentnor City, NJ LOVED it! would recommend to anyone! Such quality and uniqueness! Fast shipping too! Thank you!" ~ C. Rajczy, Ventnor City, NJ

AC/DC Vinyl Record Wall Art

AC/DC Vinyl Record Wall Art